FOOD JOURNAL: The Loving Hut

I have been wanting to try out The Loving Hut for months now, and finally had the chance to today. I picked a time that was ideal for sampling a large portion of what they had to offer, and boy did it not disappoint!

From the time we entered the spot, the servers were friendly and responsive. They took our initial drink and appetizer orders, and gave us a few suggestions as well based on our group conversations. It was four of us total and were discussing how we should explore this spot and so we decided to all try something different for appetizer, main course and dessert.

What can I say about this gem, almost every appetizer, entree and dessert was delicious. Some more than others though.

For appetizer we ordered, BBQ sticks, curry puffs, spicy drum sticks and fried “shrimp”. I enjoyed the puffs and drum sticks immensely, but wasn’t all that excited about the BBQ sticks. Even though they were decent, it’s not something I would order again. The curry puffs were devoured so quickly I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of them as they were so scumptious!


For entree we ordered golden rice, sweet and sour divine, royal noodle soup and fabulous pho. Each bite and sip of each dish popped with flavor. You know the food is good when everyone stops talking to devour the dish. The timing of the food was paced very well, unlike some spots that just keep the food coming, I noticed that they would wait a bit check in to see where we were at then time the food to come out a few minutes or so after which gave us time to really savor our meals and not feel rushed.

We then moved onto the desserts, my favorite part as I have such a sweet tooth!  They were out of a few options so we only sampled three, coconut, chocolate raspberry mousse and the seasonal cake which was an orange cake. My favorite was the coconut, it was soft, light and decadent at the same time! I would definitely order any of these cakes again, I almost ordered another piece to take home!

Through out the dinner, they checked in frequently to make sure we were alright and didn’t need anything and they also were patient with presenting the bill which is a rarity these days. Overall, this was a great spot with nice staff and good vegan options as the selection is vast. So if you are in the Norcross, Georgia, go check them out!


The Loving Hut

Located: 6385 Spalding Dr, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

Phone: 678.421.9191