FOOD JOURNAL: Chutney’s Roti And Curry Cuisine

The food in Barbados is just amazing, it’s savory and spicy, with just the right amount of flavors. So when we decided to have lunch at Chutney’s in Bridgetown, a small takeaway restaurant, the deliciousness continued!

This location of Chutney’s that we visited was inside a mall within Cave Shepherd in Bridgetown. The decor of the spot was quite colorful so it’s not easy to miss. We walked up to the counter, asked about Vegan roti options and was given a list of 6 different fillings to chose from, so we were delighted. I decided on four fillings, pumpkin, channa, plantain and spinach. We then ordered our drinks, paid and then was given a buzzer. There is limited seating in the area so we sat by the food court and waited for the buzzer to go off.

The wait wasn’t terribly long as it was getting to be the end of the lunch rush. Once our buzzer went off, we grabbed our rotis and went to town on them. These rotis had just the right amount of spice and flavor and went down with ease. The portion size was rather huge as well, as I was only able to eat one half of it and I saved the rest for later. This stop was a nice quick, authentic and tasty bite while shopping in the city.

If you make it to Bridgetown while in Barbados, stop by and pick up a few rotis, they are to die for!

This location of Chutney’s is in Cave Shepherd, Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados.


Additional locations:

Lanterns Mall, Hasting, St. Michael, Barbados

The Walk, Welches, St. Thomas, Barbados

Clapham Court, Wildey, St. Michael Barbados