FOOD JOURNAL: Avocado Vegan Cafe


While driving around in the Alpharetta, GA area, I spotted this sign off the street that said “VEGETARIAN”. Having no idea what it truly meant, is it a restaurant, is it a whole foods spot? either way, it peaked my interest and so with my friend in tow, I pulled into the parking lot to find a strip mall of restaurants and a Kroger.  Feeling slightly disappointed as I was hungry, I then spotted this restaurant called Avocado Vegan Cafe and was pleased- as this was right up my alley- YAY!! A Vegan spot! Although small, the cafe was inviting enough, so we grabbed a table and waited to order.

We took in our surroundings and perused the menu while we waited to give our orders.  The decor was simple but had a clean feel to it. Our waitress came over and took our drink and food orders and went back to the counter to the juice bar to finish other orders . The spot seemed a bit short staffed, as they took a while to come back with water and drinks. We ordered two sets of the Tostones for appetizer, Burrito Bowl, Stir Fry Platter and Jamaican Jerk for entrees.

The burrito bowl and Jerk had a nice kick to it, just the right amount of spice and the stir fry vegetables were very fresh, not over cooked and seasoned nicely as well! The only thing that was a tad disappointing was that they forgot to bring out our appetizers-the Tostones. The upside though, once they realized, they brought them out right away, which were delicious and they gave them to us for FREE- a double order of them. Way to make up for it!

We then asked about dessert and as all the options were Vegan, we thought we would sample as much as we could manage. We ordered the the parfait cups of the Eclair and the Tiramisu, some vegan brownies and vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. We enjoyed every delicious bite of these desserts and would definitely recommend them. We also had a beet-tiful power glow smoothie to go that was refreshing.

So if you are in the Johns Creek/Alpharetta area, stop in and give Avocado Vegan Cafe a try and enjoy the tasty, unique Vegan options they offer!


Avocado Vegan Cafe is located:

11105 State Bridge Rd. Suite 140 – Alpharetta, GA