8 Ways To Travel Safely & Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

While we are discouraged from traveling during this pandemic, there are some travels that cannot be canceled or postponed. In this case, being informed and following the basic health protocols can be the best that we can do.

Here are eight ways that can protect us from the coronavirus while traveling:

Go to the Airport Just on Time

Arriving at the airport just on time will prevent you from sitting in the lounge for long hours and talking with other people. You will also be avoiding getting in contact with infected surfaces.

Place a Sanitizer in Your Handbag

Sanitizing your hands with a sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol is enough to kill the virus. You should sanitize after touching on something else that other people have touched before. When traveling, never put the hand sanitizer inside your luggage. You will not be able to take a handle of it when you need to sanitize. Buy a sanitizer packed in a small bottle that can be accommodated in your handbag.

Sprayable sanitizers can be better as you may spray on your clothes when you suspect that it has come in contact with an infected surface. Bring your sanitizer along with you when you go to the toilet, so you can sanitize immediately.

Inspect Your Face Mask

Face masks are not created equal. There may be some face masks that are more effective in filtering particles. If you can double the effectiveness of your face mask, why not? There are some face masks that have pockets inside them so you can put filter in them. Accordingly, the surgical mask can filter out 60% of smaller inhaled particles.

On the other hand, the N95 can filter 95% of the particles that we inhale. When boarding a flight or any mode of transportation where there are other passengers, wearing the more effective types of face mask is the best choice. In some countries, they even wear face shields over their faces. These shields cover all parts of the face.

Avoid Touching Your Face

You should only touch your face when you just applied hand sanitizer. If not, you are only making it easy for the virus to find its way inside you. This is very important when you are on public transportation where many other people could have touched or some droplets may have fallen to the surface your hands got in contact with.

Don’t Start a Conversation Unless It Is Important

You may be a very friendly person but it may not help to be conversing or introducing yourself these days. If you start a conversion, this means that droplets may get into one’s mouth. Try to sleep during your trip so that you can avoid talking to your seatmate or the plane’s service crew. You should also avoid getting near people who are always making phone calls.

Ask Change Seat if Necessary

The risk of getting the virus through the plane’s airflow is lower than when you are riding on a bus or car. This is because viruses can be trapped through the HEPA filter. You may have a greater possibility of contracting the virus through the person seating next to you. If you suspect that he is infected, better ask the crew to transfer you to another seat.

Stay Away From the Toilet

As much as possible, don’t sit near the toilet. Everyone will be passing by you. You may not notice that some droplets are falling on you. Some may not also avoid holding on to your headrest. Stay near the window. You should also be avoiding the seats lining the aisle. You may not avoid some contact with other passengers or crew members passing the aisle.

Leave the Airport at Once

Just as you arrived only minute before your flight, you should also leave the airport as fast as you can. Never mind going inside the airport’s best coffee shop. You can always try it some other time when things get better. And when you call the cab, do all the things that you did inside the plane, only this time, you are in a taxi.

Doing all the above precautionary measures will not only ensure our safety but also that of the people who are waiting for us in our homes. They are our family, our dear loved ones. We should never compromise their health and safety with some negligence on our part.

Be it a business trip or a vacation, domestic or international, you should observe safety protocols at all times to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.