FOOD JOURNAL: Parkside District


It was a Saturday night and we headed to grab some drinks and dinner at Parkside District. As we parked and walked up to the establishment, we couldn’t help but notice the large crowd waiting outside. Upon entering there was even more people waiting inside. Luckily, we had a reservation, so we were seated immediately.

We were then given water and told our server would be right over. We took in the decor, lots of booths and tables, large bar area, viewed the open space kitchen and stared at the dishes that would pass our way as we waited, and waited some more (for a good 15 minutes) before we finally flagged someone down to let them know we hadn’t been approached or served as yet. Before we could get the words out the waiter immediately knew that the person stationed for our side of the restaurant had not come by as yet as it seemed to be a norm with him. We then see the guy we flagged down talking to a waitress pointing (presuming he was explaining the situation) as she quickly comes over, apologizes and explains that this isn’t her station, but she would be happy to assist us. Her bright and engaging personality certainly made up for the wait, as she proceeded to give us many suggestions based on our eating preferences and tastes of wines and cocktails.

We placed our drink and food orders and our waitress was very attentive and timely. We ordered a peach whiskey cosmopolitan and a sazarec (bourbon, bitters, orange with sugar cubes).  For appetizer, we had the beet salad, clam chowder and charred octopus, which were all tasty. 

For entrees, we had the seafood linguine and nicely enough, the chef was able to make up an off the menu Vegan dish for me, of seasonal veggies, which was a pleasant surprise! The portions of the food were just right and full of flavor in each bite.

Although our start to this outing was a tad slow and rough, this restaurant is definitely a great addition to the Lawrenceville, GA area. If you do plan on visiting, just make sure you schedule a reservation so you don’t have to wait!


Parkside District is located at:

909 Parkside Walk Ln, Lawrenceville, GA 30043

 (770) 910-9601