Ultimate Bucketlist Travel 2018

MAURITIUS (Image via tourism-mauritius.mu)

On this remote island you can enjoy the country’s luscious Indian Ocean beaches along with the hospitality and seafood cuisine of Mauritius’ hotels and resorts.

MARRAKESH, MOROCCO (Image via nationalgeographic.com)

This spot is considered a cultural hub especially with the opening of the YSL Museum that was dedicated to the work of  fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent along with an upcoming African art fair that adds to the city’s prominent gallery spaces.

EGYPT (Image via touregypt.net)

You can visit the storied landmarks such as the Pyramids and Great Sphinx of Giza, but there is also a new landmark that you should check out -The Grand Egyptian Museum- as it should be partially open in 2018 and will have more than 100,000 ancient artifacts from Egypt’s legendary pharaohs. 


FIJI (Image via travelonline.com)

Fiji has such crystal clear beaches, with a crop of luxury resorts, private islands, beaches, villas and more to sit back and bask in the sunshine.

GREENLAND (Image via greenland-travel.com)

Greenland is known for its hospitality, with the development of eco-lodges that allow visitors to stay warm in between outdoor excursions exploring the wilderness and whale watching.

SOLTA, CROATIA (Image via visitsolta.com)

If you love nature then Croatia is your spot, with crystalline waters and breathtaking scenery. The island of Solta is no different, you can ferry to the island on-demand and take in the beach clubs, medieval villages and local wines.