FOOD JOURNAL: FLIGHT Restaurant And Wine Bar – Memphis, Tennessee


We were celebrating a birthday in Memphis, Tennessee and this restaurant called FLIGHT kept coming up as a good option so we made a reservation to check it out.  From the time we entered this establishment you could tell it was a first class operation. From the doorman, to the hostess to the waiter, they were all friendly, engaging and provided amazing service. 


As we sat down and ordered our drinks the name FLIGHT became more obvious as we realized that you can order everything in “flights”, meaning in threes. So we took a look at the menu and first ordered our wines which came in threes to go with our three appetizers and they were paired nicely. We ordered the salads in flights and the soups in flights which allowed for a delicious sampling of options from the menu. Even though they were flights the portions were still fairly large, by fine dining standards.


Up next we tried the flights again with our entrees, paired with wines. The quality and taste of the food was first class, and the timing of how the food came out was on point as it didn’t leave us stuffed or waiting to be fed, it was just right. We were also given a complimentary birthday dessert that was also delicious.

Price wise this might not be an every day occurrence for most, but it is absolutely worth it and I highly recommend that you check this place out. It blew up our idea that Memphis is just good for BBQ. Know eating at Flight is not just a meal, its an experience, so try not to rush through it and enjoy every delicious bite. We did!

Flight provides a creative and unique dining experience that is as delicious as it is memorable, so go take FLIGHT if you are ever in the Memphis area!


Flight Restaurant and Wine Bar is located at:

39 South Main, Memphis, TN