FOOD JOURNAL- Bahama Breeze

We were out shopping for some summer wear and were starving but didn’t want to eat at any of the spots in the mall or even near the mall. So we started driving around to see what Duluth had to offer. We then spotted Bahama Breeze and thought, wow, we haven’t been there in years, maybe we should check it out and see what has changed, maybe they might have some vegan options on the menu or maybe we can have some fun trying to create our own meals from the menu!

So we entered the establishment and the hostess was very friendly and engaging and we were quickly seated. However, it took our server almost ten minutes to come to our table and that set the tone for the remainder of the service of our lunch. We waited for our drinks, waited for our appetizers, waited for our lunch….you get the point here. The service was incredibly slow and the server brought us the wrong meals a few times and also forgot to put in one of our orders.

Nonetheless, the food itself was good. I was able to find a few vegetarian meals on the menu that was easy to turn into vegan options. I settled for some jackfruit tacos (minus the aoili sauce) with guacamole and steamed broccoli. The tacos were okay by themselves, but when paired with the guacamole inside the taco, it was so delicious! So I went ahead and spread the guacamole all on the tortillas myself. I paired my meal with a virgin strawberry pina colada which was yummy.

Overall, the spot was decent, food was good, but service was lackluster. Not sure I would return as it gave me flashbacks as to why I hadn’t been there in years.