JOURNAL: The Beauty Of Bonaire- Day Trip

Located in the southern Caribbean, where the waters are exceptionally calm and clear is where we spent a day, in a country called Bonaire. We had traveled to Aruba for a week and thought why not hop on over to Bonaire to experience some world class diving in Lac Bay, near the Bonaire National Marine Park.

Bonaire was just breathtaking and many professional and leisure divers flock there year after year for their exceptional diving visibility that can reach upwards of 150 feet. Upon arrival we set up on the beach and laid out for a bit to enjoy the beautiful and tranquil surroundings. We later decided to head in the water as it was so tempting and the temperature of the water was so nice as it felt around 78 degrees F.

While exploring you can’t help but get swept up with the coral reefs and abundant marine life here. Bonaire has some of the most diverse fish population in the Caribbean.

Bonaire has options for divers of all levels and ages and there are a lot of growing coral formations to check out. These are usually strands of elkhorn and staghorn corals combined with fire corals and soft corals. A dazzling variety of fish inhabit this area and divers can spot damsel fish, angel fish and butterfly fish gliding in and of the strands of corals on any given day. While diving you should keep an eye out for turtles, seahorses and yellowtail snappers as well as moray eels that may hide inside the crevices.

Overall, Bonaire diving is one of the best experiences a person or avid diver could ever experience.  While visiting Bonaire you can also experience other spots on the island like the Flamingo Sanctuary, one of the largest flamingo breeding grounds in the western hemisphere. Head to the capital of Bonaire to view Fort Oranje which was built in the 19th century as well as the lighthouse adjacent to it.

No matter what you do, Bonaire has so much to offer so go ahead and explore!