Explore The Greek Islands!


The Greek Islands have been a popular destinations for years. The islands are traditionally divided into seven groups: Cyclades, Aegean, Dodecanese, Sporades, Ionian, Argosaronic Gulf and Crete which, as a single island, is the largest in the group. They come in many shapes, sizes and geographical varieties and the people that visit them are as varied as the islands themselves. From hiking, swimming to exploring archaeology and wineries, there is something for everyone on each of these islands.


Boutique hotels seem to be best options on these islands as you can’t beat the individuality of these small, intimate hotels where detail is a primary consideration and the needs of the guest always come first. Elounda Gulf Villas and Suites on Crete, Katikies on Santorini and Ostraco Suites on Mykonos are all unique places to stay, offering the ultimate in quiet understated luxury.


For most people, the attraction of the Greek Islands is the beaches. The quality and size of the beaches varies from island to island, as does the level of development in the main resorts. You can find entertainment on the island if that is your desire, or enjoy a quiet relaxing break. For those that want to explore the islands’ culture, there are plenty of historical buildings, traditional villages and museums to visit.


You can get to some of the islands such as Mykonos and Santorini by air, but most of the other islands are reached by ferry from Athens. The ferries are regular and there are ticket operators at the harbors, so you can also use them to visit other islands during your stay. You can also rent a car or a bike, or use the local bus system to navigate your own way around the islands.

Any option you chose, you can’t go wrong with the Greek Islands as your next destination. Your trip will surely be a blast!