I was out running errands with my brother and we needed a quick bite to eat, so we saw the Burger 21 sign and decided to park and check them out. With my fingers crossed I walked inside in hopes of them having some vegan alternatives on the menu. Luckily, I found two vegetarian options that were easily able to be turned into vegan options to chose from. So I settled for the black bean burger, holding the diary options of course.

So we were given our receipt and number and was told that it would take about ten minutes before it was ready. Although I was starving by this point, I was still pleased to learn that the burger was made to order. We chatted for a bit and observed the staff, as they were very friendly and engaging for a self order establishment. Once our burgers came out we headed to the car and sat and devoured them. The burgers were so fresh, hot and delicious, just what we needed.

So although we stopped here on a whim, we were pleased with the outcome. So we definitely will go back, next time actually staying and dining in and exploring what else we can alter on the menu to suit our palates!