BEAUTY SPOTLIGHT: The Alchemist Shop

In my second week here in sunny Barbados, I was struggling with my skin and how oily it had become. Since I came from bitter cold temperatures to warmth and sunshine, my skin was going through some unusual changes. I was later introduced to Janelle “Alitha” James from The Alchemist Shop where I was able to sample some of her great homemade body scrubs. These scrubs are made from various natural essential oils, sugar, sea salt, epsom salt and many other natural herbs to name a few. Not only do these scrubs smell delicious but they are refreshing and calming to the touch, and leaves your skin feeling baby soft!


  • Lemon Rosemary- sugar body scrub with fresh lemon rind, juice and fresh rosemary with a bit of lemon and rosemary essential oils
  • Orange Mint- sugar body scrub with fresh orange rind, juice and fresh mint leaves with a bit of orange and mint essential oils
  • Mint Chocolate- sugar body scrub with coco and mint essential oil
  • Peppermint Patty- epsom salt body scrub with mint essential oil
  • Eucalyptus- sugar body scrub with eucalyptus essential oil
  • Mint Bliss- sea salt body scrub with apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil
  • Sandman-┬ásugar body scrub with lavender and mint essential oils
  • Suga Kake- sugar body scrub with coffee
  • Green Tea- sugar body scrub with dried green tea leaves
  • One Shot- sea salt body scrub with lime essential oil
  • No. 1- sugar body scrub with coconut


Janelle “Alitha” James

How did Alitha get her start?

“Difficult economic times always brings out the creativity in people and it was no different for me. I had gone to a spa for a free facial and after the facial I was given instructions on how to take care of my face. The next day I went looking for a facial scrub and everything I saw was good, but expensive. I went home and did my research. The first scrub I made was Suga Kake (coffee scrub). I had not intended to share but unfortunately difficult times struck again around a friends birthday and I had no funds to buy her a gift, so I decided to bottle it and give it to her as a gift.”

What makes Alitha passionate about her products?

“I have always been one to look for holistic remedies when it came to my health. This interest increased when I started making the scrubs and now I am a little more obsessed with all things natural when it comes to my body and my health. I have not fully transitioned into 100{f5bd26822d4d7495ccc4925c1d4220df92c46d5db5344682916e075f12f42cfd} naturalistic, but I am on that journey with The Alchemist Shop”

So if you are in the Christ Church area in Barbados, make a stop at The Alchemist Shop, you won’t regret it!



Connect with The Alchemist Shop via:

Tel- 1.246.838.5746

Instagram- @thealchemistshop