JOURNAL: Barbados – Animal Flower Cave


Calling all NATURE lovers!

The Animal Flower Cave is an absolute must see when in Barbados. It is situated under cliffs on the northern tip of the island and boasts gorgeous views, stunning sea geysers and a beautiful sea cave to explore via tour guide.

On our route to the Animal Flower Cave, we drove through the parishes of St. Peter and then into St. Lucy where it is located. These roads were filled with beautiful lush green country side, however, as you get closer to the destination, the roads transform, and you end up on a very tiny somewhat secluded dirt road, off the beaten path.

Upon exiting the car we noticed a farm filled with lots of black belly sheep grazing to the left and then we heard the intensity of waves crashing ahead. As we got closer we started to feel sprinkles of sea water and walked up to the entrance to head down to the cave, but became so entranced with the majestic views off the cliffs. We stood there at the cliffs for quite a bit and soaked in the amazing views and watched the waves hit the rocks. It was such a calming and beautiful moment upon arrival, even with the many tourists around. We were just in awe.

The dramatic caverns break way to the Atlantic Ocean in the rugged sea cliffs off the north point of Barbados, this is where the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Seas meet. Once we were ready to enter the cave, we took the stairway through what was once a blow hole in the bedrock. This way provides a safe access for visitors to explore by tour guide. 

The cave stands about 6 feet above the high tide water mark, and the walls are full of interesting formations which are green and brown by oxidation of copper and iron. Note that these spots are no place for wearing heels or sandals as all through out can be rather slippery as the waves are constantly crash among the cliffs, caves and sometimes hits the walking areas. While in the cave we explored the natural still water which appeared to be about 5-6 feet high with the light beaming in. Unfortunately, if you visit on a day where they are experiencing large seas swells you won’t be permitted to enter the cave, but know that you can still explore the cliffs, grounds and the restaurant as those have amazing views as well. Down in the cave there are colorful Sea-anemones, locally called “Animal Flowers”.

Make sure to bring your swimwear and towels as you have the option to swim in some of the pools that were created by the cave. We explored for a bit and swam in the caves and then headed back upstairs to the bar. There is a restaurant and bar on site with seating area filled with panoramic sea views. There is also a small children’s playground where you can spend some time basking in the cool sea breezes.

All in all, this was a wonderful day trip in sunny Barbados, which comes highly recommended. So if you have a rental car, take the drive to St. Lucy. Google maps and Waze does work well in Barbados, but if you are worried about navigation, you can also book a guided tour online.

The Animal Flower Cave is open daily from 9am-4:30pm.