JOURNAL: The Veggie Connection


A few weeks back I attended this event in Smyrna, GA on sort of a whim, called The Veggie Connection. It was a network event where attendees were exposed to a host of plant based vendors, speakers and more. If you are living a plantbased lifestyle like myself, this type of event brings more awareness, and exposes you to different local companies that are accessible to aid in your wellness journey. ​

Upon entering, we were greeted friendly and paid our $7.00 per person entry fee and were given the lay of the land as well as a goodie bag filled with various vegan products.


The event was small but there was still alot to discover as there were many vegan restaurants in the metro Atlanta area that I have never heard of that I was able to try. After sampling I landed on some vegan BBQ jackfruit, macaroni and slaw. This meal was prepared by Vegan Village. They seem to be pretty popular on the vegan festival/conference circuit in Atlanta and they always had a line of folks waiting to grab a bite. I also grabbed some smoothies from Groovy Smoothie & Juices. Their juices were delicious, filled with real fruit and veggies.


I also shopped around looking at some art and landed on Colorful Future where the artist makes art and jewelry from polymer clay, beads, textiles, tiles and found objects inspired by the rich culture of Africa. I learned a bit about the artist and picked up a pair of earrings.

All in all The Veggie Connection was not overcrowded so we were able to take our time to talk and interact with each vendor and speaker. So whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or other, looking to explore, the Veggie Connection will provide you with helpful information through plant based and wellness options- check it out next time they are in Atlanta, Georgia in 2019.