The Top Sights To See In Madrid

Do you want to grab the real taste of Spain? Are you a true travel lover? If your answer is “yes” for both questions, then you won’t want to miss Madrid’s cultural attractions and traditional charm. It is a city packed with energy, an exciting atmosphere, buzzing with many things to do and see.

The world-class “Prado Museum,” which was constructed during Spain’s golden age in the 18th century, is one of Madrid’s top attractions. But that is just one of many attractions, as we have listed here the top sites to visit in Madrid. Our travel guide will help you prepare an itinerary in Madrid that will give you memories to last a lifetime.

● Prado Museum

The true world-class museum named “Prado museum” is packed with over 5000 Louvre Collections paintings from the 12th century to earlier 19th century. This historical place is home to some unique masterpieces of Italian, Flemish, French, British, and German paintings. If you want to explore the true history of the last few decades then, the Prado Museum is the right place to visit.

● Royal Palace

The Grandiose palace commissioned by Philip V in the 18th century is entirely made with granite and white Colmenar stone. It is considered the top sightseeing spot in Madrid due to the lush gardens and royalty’s true meaning. Not only the interior is exquisite, as you will also love the walls of the old city around the royal palace.

● Puerta del Sol

Madrid’s true-life starts after sunset in the heart of the city named “Puerta del Sol.” If you are going there with your partner, then this will be a special treat, as you’ll have memories to last a lifetime. Here you can witness the true scenes of Spanish historical events, including the second republic and Spanish resistance to Napoleon that occurred on May 2nd, 1808, and 1931. It is considered one of the top sights to visit in Madrid for a night, hang out, and enjoy a very romantic atmosphere.

● National Archaeological Museum

One of the best spots to visit in Madrid is the National Archaeological Museum. It is a house of archaeological finds, ethnography, decorative arts from antiquity, and ancient coins. Queen Isabella founded this wonderful museum in the 18th century. The prized possession of this specific collection is the bust of the Lady of Elche. It is the highlight of the museum.

Apart from this, one can also explore the wide collection of Egyptian mummies, Hispano-Roman and Islamic archaeological finds, and Mudéjar ceramics.

● Temple of Debod

The Temple of Debod is the most romantic historical icon in Madrid. It was constructed in the heart of Parque del Oeste in Madrid. It is considered a thanks token by Gamal Abdel Nasser’s former president to Spain’s archaeologist’s team. Lake Nasser river enhances the beauty of this temple of Debod.

Once upon a time, lake Nasser’s roaring water was all set to destroy the iconic temple, but the UNESCO team has put all possible efforts to save it. Since then, the government has announced free entry into the temple so that everyone can enjoy the eye-popping beauty of the temple and Lake Nasser.

Final Thoughts

So there you have the list of the five top sites to visit in Madrid. We highly recommend visiting Madrid during spring or fall as it is really tough for a traveler to bear the city’s oppressive heat during summers. Furthermore, if your budget is good, stay in the Royal palace to get a taste of how it feels to live like royalty.