6 Destinations To Visit In Mahe Seychelles

Mahe is a town located at the mouth of the Mahe River. It is also known as Mayyazhi and is surrounded by Kerala state. The French ruled it till 1954, still, French colonial heritage is reflected in their accommodation like the building and government houses. Almost 35000 residents live in the town having a 98.5% literacy rate.

In the town of Mahe, a statue of Marianne that credits the great French revolution is situated in Tagore Park of town. Due to the beautiful architecture and beaches, most tourists are attracted to it. Mahe is a great place to travel and to spend time for a mix of history and relaxation.

There are many places to visit in Mahe, but we’ll highlight 6 of the most popular spots below.

1. Beau Vallon Beach

Beau Vallon Beach is the most famous beach on the island. If you love to watch the sunset and want to enjoy the view, then the best place in Mahe is Beau Vallon Beach. Due to its clean water, it is the base for snorkeling and diving. Beau Vallon has many restaurants for you to dine at, along with a special market set once a week where you can enjoy local food. Beau Vallon is not overly-crowded so you can enjoy it without too much of a hassle.

2. Hillock

The second most beautiful place in Mahe is the hillock. It is a place full of natural beauty. This spot is absolutely breathtaking and catches your attention because it faces the Arabian Sea. There are many walkways, trails, gardens, and restroom facilities that attract tourists. You’ll enjoy all that it has to offer including the wonderful scenery.

3. Victoria Market

To know the culture and enjoy the local food, you’ll definitely want to visit the Victoria market. It is a perfect place to spend time getting to know what the locals eat on a daily basis. Everything from local food like fish and fruits, vanilla and vegetables, are all available. If you want to blend in with the local culture, this is the spot to visit.

4. Water sports complex

Looking to have some fun in the water? Then the Water sports complex is for you. You can enjoy activities such as paddle boating and motor boating, and many other thrilling water sports. You’ll also be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the Wayanad mountains.

5. Puthalam Temple

Mahe is also popular for religious spots. If you want to know more about their religion and history simultaneously, then Puthalam Temple is the best place to visit. Puttalam Temple is where you can see the linkage of the historical fight between French and Indian armies. For those who are curious about ancient history, then you’ll want to drop by the Puthalam Temple.

6. Tagore Park

Last but not least, a visit to Tagore Park should be on your itinerary. Tagore Park showcases the heritage of French rulers. There is a historical symbol of heritage is the Statue of French icon Marianne. You’ll want to take a walk along the riverside and watch the sunset as it’s incredibly beautiful. You’ll also want to check out the lighthouse that was used while under French rule.

Even though not discussed often as a true tourist destination, Mahe is full of rich historical importance. It has quite a bit to offer and is highly recommended for those who love to visit historical destinations.