JOURNAL- New Orleans: Let The GOOD TIMES Roll!

I’ve been a lot of places in this world, but in all my travels New Orleans was never really high on my list of places to visit until I was casted on a TV show that was supposed to be based in New Orleans. The set made it feel like such a vibrant, unique, fun place to be, so I thought, I really need to make a trip there and see NOLA for myself! At first I wanted to experience it full on and go during Mardi Gras, but then I thought, maybe that shouldn’t be my first experience of NOLA and decided to go in late summer time first with a group.


NOLA offers a mixture of American, African, Caribbean and European architecture, culture and cuisine which makes it such a unique spot to visit. On our first day here we immediately headed to the heart and soul of the city, which is the French Quarter. The French Quarter is a National Historic District and most of the city’s museums and historic homes are found here. We stopped and grabbed a bite to eat at GW Fins, I had the Heirloom Beet Salad (minus the goat cheese) and the group had some Snapper Ceviche, Seafood Gumbo, Smoked Oysters and the Bluefin Tuna Tartare. The food here came with rave reviews and it did not disappoint the group as there were options for everyone and was tasty too!

We then explored more of the French Quarter, looking at local artists performing in the streets, doing taste tests of the hottest peppers in the world and exploring the various art displayed. The French Quarter was filled with many shops, elegant art galleries, restaurants, bars, jazz club and good nightlife. Bourbon Street was the liveliest spot in the French Quarter where loud rhythmic sounds of jazz and some rock permeated the air while we danced away at night.


Our second day in New Orleans we headed to The Ruby Slipper Cafe for breakfast. Although it was incredibly busy and the wait time was rather long, the food was delicious. The favorite from the menu from the group was the Croque Madame-Coffee-glazed ham and swiss served on brioche bread, topped with Moray sauce and a fried egg. If ever visiting you should stop by, just be prepared for the long lines, but big plates and good prices.

We then headed to Jackson Square, located on the Mississippi River, on Decatur Street, it was full of street painters, musicians, jugglers, historical buildings and the Moon Walk, and provided a breathtaking view of the Mississippi River. We then hit up the French Market and had a blast trying on masks, sampling cheese and perusing the various booths around for the remainder of the afternoon.


As night time hit we got dressed up to hit the town. The streets were lively and crowded but had this amazing energy about it! We checked out all the blues and jazz spots and ended up at a place called Famous Door. The live band was amazing, had the crowd entertained throughout the night.


After a night of dancing and having fun in NOLA we had to make sure that we stopped in at Cafe Du Monde to get some beignets! Although this spot has a small menu the beignets  are delicious and so worth the wait. After exploring more of the sights, we headed for dinner at Broussards. We had a few drinks at the bar before our reservation and had a three course meal which ranged from Duck Confit Salad, Fried Oysters and Artichoke, Crab Croquettes, Shrimp Creole, Filet Mingnon, Lemon Ginger Tart and Coconut Creme Brulee. After being stuffed we walked the NOLA streets and hopped in and out of different music spots for our last night there.

The trip to NOLA was absolutely fun and we plan to return again, this time expanding our stay so we can take in a steamboat ride or a swamp tour and I hope you go visit it too!