JOURNAL: Charleston, SC- Southern Hospitality For The Weekend!

It feels like it’s been a couple of years now that every time I perused magazines, Instagram post or even watched various travel and food shows, Charleston, South Carolina was being showcased. Each and every time I ‘d watch a show or see a picture, I would say, wow, I really need to go there soon. It looks like such a fun, quaint town to explore. So finally, a few weeks ago I made a weekend trek down to the south!

I’ve spent my fair share of time in cities all over the United States, and few cities compare to the charm of Charleston. Charleston is a great city filled with deep history, amazing tours, museums and tasty southern cuisine. From the moment I arrived and checked into the hotel, the staff was engaging and welcoming. It made me excited to get out and go explore what this southern charmed town had to offer. So I got freshened up and made a reservation for a restaurant that came highly recommended by locals and headed out on the town.


Charleston has emerged as one of the great food meccas in the U.S. as it’s range of food options and mixtures of cuisine is on another level. I have seldom been to a city and every meal I’ve consumed was delightful. However, in Charleston, every meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks at various bakeries and cafes were amazing!

One of the best things about the restaurant scene in Charleston is not just the seafood options, but the fact that you can just about find any cuisine you’re looking for at every price range. Being Vegan, I was worried that I would struggle to find options on the menus, but that wasn’t the case here. Each restaurant, even if they didn’t have a Vegan option offered or something I was remotely interested in, they asked about my tastes/preferences and offered to make an off the menu dish for me that was not only delectable, but was unique. This type of service truly speaks to the heart of the Charleston culture- making you feel at home/welcomed. Southern hospitality at it’s best.

During my stay I frequented various restaurants at different price points in the heart of downtown. Blossoms was my first choice for dinner downtown. Since this fine city sits in a coastal state, it offers an abundance of seafood options. Those that were on the trip with me thoroughly enjoyed the seafood at Blossom as well as the unique cocktails selection.

During the remainder of the stay I ate at Poogan’s Porch, Smoke BBQ, Daniel Island Dinners, Eli’s Table, Queology and Saffron’s Bakery and they all were divine and I highly recommend you check them all out if you can.


This locales sheer beauty lies in the cobblestone streets, colorful buildings and friendly locals. We hit the Waterfront Park, Rainbow Row, Patriot’s Point, Fort Sumter, Charleston City Market and a soccer game at the MUSU/Battery Stadium and watched the Atlanta United team play.

The historic district had a certain incomparable feel to it. Charleston is such a great walking town with beautiful architecture, flowers and lush oak trees that are prevalent here. As we walked the streets to our destinations we would hop in various shops and look at what different street vendors had to offer as well as watching those on carriage rides through the historic district.

All and all this was a fun weekend trip and I will definitely be back again. Next time I will try staying at one of the quaint B&B’s and definitely hit up lots more eateries! So if you have any other ideas of spots to check out, feel free to let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!