JOURNAL: Charleston, SC- Southern Hospitality For The Weekend!

It feels like it’s been a couple of years now that every time I perused magazines, Instagram post or even watched various travel and food shows, Charleston, South Carolina was being showcased. Each and every time I ‘d watch a show or see a picture, I would say, wow, I really need to go there soon. It looks like such a fun, quaint town to explore. So finally, a few weeks ago I made a weekend trek down to the south!

I’ve spent my fair share of time in cities all over the United States, and few cities compare to the charm of Charleston. Charleston is a great city filled with deep history, amazing tours, museums and tasty southern cuisine. From the moment I arrived and checked into the hotel, the staff was engaging and welcoming. It made me excited to get out and go explore what this southern charmed town had to offer. So I got freshened up and made a reservation for a restaurant that came highly recommended by locals and headed out on the town.

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