6 Best Destinations For Camping In The Summer Time

Camping outdoors has many benefits. Of course, going with your entire family to double the fun and make up for all those boring months spent in our own homes and communities due to the imposed travel bans. This time that movement has eased up, camping should be one of the things that you should plan ahead.

Accordingly, camping outdoors can improve your problem-solving skills. It also makes you sleep better. And if you are with your entire family, all of you will benefit from the physical exertion while at the camping site. There may also be something new that your children may learn during the experience. And most of all, it can be the best way to bond with each member of your family.

There is no other better time than to do it this summer. Go ahead and check the best camping destinations that are accessible to you. Once you decided on where to camp, you will know what to expect and what to bring with you. Because you are with your children, safety should always be the topmost consideration.

Here are six destinations for camping this summertime.

Mendocino, CA

There can be no other better place to go camping with your family than a place that has the sea and forest in one destination. Traveling north from San Francisco, you will find Mendocino County. It has a rocky coastline with lodging properties and restaurants for its guests. But because you are here to camp, you can go to the Mendocino Grove where it is perfect for glamping. It has a scenic view of the ocean and you can do marine activities. At the backdrop are forested areas of redwood trees where you can go hiking and biking. Indeed, Mendocino is perfect for an adventurous family like yours.

Cheyenne, WY

Still mystified with that classic Marlboro advertisement? This can be your best time to experience it by heading to Cheyenne. You will surely enjoy the experience as crowds will surely not be coming this summer. Aside from horseback riding, there are many things to do in this laid-back and scenic environment. It’s perfect to watch the sunset with your family as the sound of insects envelops the air, suggesting that nighttime is already coming.

Fredericksburg, TX

This destination in Texas is well-known for its peach orchards and distinctive German culture. Expect a lot of hiking and biking which should lead you to the Old Tunnel State Park Bat Cave, a popular spot to view the surrounding areas after the sun has gone down. There are also many attractions, such as wineries, museums, wildflower fields, and many more. There are designated camping areas so it is best to book in advance. You can also find an RV to rent.

Greensville, SC

Greensville has a lot of camping grounds for families who want to enjoy the outdoors. The Blue Ridge Mountain provides a scenic backdrop to this small town which means that you can expect a lot of mountain climbing, hiking, biking, and nature tripping. Once you are on the mountain, you will surely be mesmerized by the sweeping view. A scenic waterfall awaits you when you get down the mountain and you can ride a boat down the river. Indeed, you will surely extend for another day in Greensville.

Door County, WI

This county in Wisconsin has a lot of wide-open spaces which are open for camping. The expanse of the area means you have a lot of options to enjoy your getaway. Lake Michigan is just around the corner where you can go fishing kayaking, or simply take a cold dip into the water. Leisure walking or biking is limitless in this otherwise rural setting where you will surely appreciate the slow pace of life.

Acadia National Park

Not to forget the national parks, Acadia Park is located on the mid-coast of Maine. This legendary national park has woody campgrounds, hiking trails, bike paths, and pristine beaches. It is almost a complete camping destination as you can have both mountain and sea adventures. For families, the eastern portion of the park is ideal.

Indeed, there are many options on where to camp this summer. From well-known public parks to secluded private properties and uninhabited forests and beaches, you have to plan ahead of time and choose the best for you and your entire family. Pick a destination that suits your preference. Whatever your choice is, for sure, you have considered fun and safety. To make your summer camping hassle-free, be sure to plan ahead.