7 Things To Do In Tahiti In The French Polynesia

Tahiti stands as the largest island in French Polynesia, lying at South Pacific Archipelago from the coastal area to spectacular mountains and gurgling waterfalls. The islands of Tahiti are well-known for their geographical marvel.

One can do many incredible things in Tahiti, which will add a touch of excitement to your vacation. It is believed that the islands have been created brilliantly from a series of underwater volcanic eruptions. Due to this, they arose from the depth of the ocean millions of years ago. Even today, the islands of Tahiti are picturesque enough as if they are untouched.

Let’s take a look at the 7 things you should do in Tahiti

● Checking the Three Waterfalls:

If you are willing to explore Tahiti for its magnetic beauty; then, checking three waterfalls is a must. In fact, Tahiti is well-famous for a set of three waterfalls by the name of Les Trois Cascades or Faarumai Waterfalls. They are located on the northeastern part of Tahiti Nui Island. Indeed, the waterfalls’ beauty is enhanced with lush green rainforest through which you have to take a trek to reach the destination. It is simply enthralling enough to captivate your attention.

● Huahine Natural Aquarium:

It is a natural and exquisite aquarium that brings you closer to the Pacific Ocean’s marine life. If an individual wants to experience the best of the ocean’s marine life; then, you can dive in the water for a closer look as well. The ones who cannot swim; can enjoy the picturesque view from the viewing platform. Definitely, getting a close look at what lies in the ocean is simply exotic. Isn’t it?

● Maui’s Beach:

This special place is the only white sand beach in Tahiti Nui that looks really gorgeous. Lying on the southern coast of the island, it unleashes the magic of the French Polynesian atmosphere. Do not forget to enjoy snorkeling and swimming at the nearby lagoon. Just imagine yourself lying on the beach with coral reefs welcoming to enthrall you with their beauty. Such a vacation can turn out to be quite soothing and refreshing for sure.

● Discovering Notre-Dame Cathedral:

As you tend to explore Tahiti further, do not forget to visit the oldest church in Tahiti. It is stated as the finest example of colonial architecture with a distinctive island touch. It’s perfect for those looking for a touch of history.

● Visiting Black Pearl Museum:

Indeed, black pearls belonging to Tahiti are known to be rarest and have cultural significance. You can admire their scintillating beauty at the Black Pearl Museum, where such pearls can be seen in different forms. It is one of the essential things to do in Tahiti and quite acclaimed as well.

● Enjoy a Ferry Ride:

Explore the Pacific Ocean’s vastness on a ferry that gives you a ride from Tahiti Island to Mo’orea Island that lies on the western side. On route, you can get some memorable pictures of the quaint surroundings as well.

● Shopping and Eating in Tahiti:

Tourist shopping at the local market in Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Enjoying a Tahiti vacation without savoring the authentic Tahitian delights and shopping for beautiful souvenirs from the island is not recommended. In fact, your trip to Tahiti is incomplete without such activities. Savor the budget food at Vaiete Square Roulottes or dine-in some of the most relinquishing restaurants and shop for the black pearls at Papeete. Undeniably, you will surely enjoy shopping and eating in Tahiti.


Tahiti is one of the most picturesque islands in French Polynesia that unveils the Pacific Ocean’s scenic beauty throughout. You can also explore Tahiti coastal region by bicycle as well. It has every option available that enables you to enjoy a remarkable vacation with family or friends.