7 Best Foodie Cities In The U.S.


Although this city is known for the rich and famous, it has some of the best places to eat as it appreciates the heritage and diversity of the people that live there. Pick a place on a map and more than likely you can find a restaurant in Los Angeles that specializes in that cultures food.

The City of Angels has the perfect blend of sunny weather, foodie culture, and stellar restaurants. It’s also one of the best places to explore the nation’s diverse cuisines. Whether you’re into Japanese, Ethiopian, or Vietnamese food–or want to combine them all–LA has it all!

It is where to go if you want world-famous Mexican fare, or Korean BBQ. Dishes like the Bay Cities Italian Deli sandwich and the roasted lamb at Mozza are just two examples of what this city has to offer. From tacos to sushi to sandwiches, the city has it all. There are also plenty of coffee shops and bakeries in the area.



This city is definitely known for their hot dogs, but it offers much more than that. This windy city’s food scene is remarkable as it has some of the most prestigious chefs with a city and country flair intertwined in the restaurant options. From Mexican, to Chinese to Portuguese you can’t go wrong with making a food selection in this city.

It has a rich history and culture of food, and it’s home to some of the most innovative chefs in the world. Chicagoans love their pizza and hot dogs, but they also love things like duck confit or Thai green curry. There are many great restaurants that offer an array of cuisines, from regional American to Spanish to modern French.

Chicago cuisine has been influenced by Italian, German, Irish, Polish, Greek, Lebanese, Mexican, Chinese, Vietnamese and more. This diversity reflects the city’s history as a culinary destination for many immigrants.