7 Best Foodie Cities In The U.S.


Charleston is a city that is filled with low country cooking with special attention to details by every meal the chefs in this city prepare. It is consistently named and ranked as having the best restaurants in the country so these meals are sure not to disappoint.

The food culture in this city is an active one with many farmers’ markets and a bustling restaurant scene. There are over 200 wineries within 50 miles of the city and numerous options for golfing too. The city has a wide variety of restaurants offering all different types of cuisine. It also hosts several annual food festivals that are worth checking out.

Charleston’s cuisine has evolved over time and many people say it is the most unique in the country. For instance, you will find lots of seafood dishes along with Low Country cooking including shrimp and grits, benne wafers, she-crab soup, and more.



This city delivers genres of food, from Indian to countryside fair, to Spanish and other nods to international cuisine. There is something here for any avid food lover. There are thousands of restaurants here, some of which are really famous like Founding Farmers or Red Hen Soup Company.

The District has it all when it comes to eating out. Visitors can find everything from Ethiopian to Mexican to Jamaican cuisine all within blocks of each other on U Street NW and H Street NE respectively.

It houses some of the best restaurants in the country, and visitors always rave about their culinary experiences. People from all over come to visit just to try some of DC’s famous restaurants like The Oval Room or Founding Farmers.

You can find anything from delicious home-style cooking to exotic ethnic dishes. If you want a fancy night out, the city is full of upscale dining destinations with award winning chefs and menus created with fresh ingredients.