6 Trendy Destinations You Should Visit


Travel to Aruba has increased by a 1/3 in the last year. This spot is a great place to escape the cold weather and to relax on the pristine beaches. It is also one of the few islands practically undamaged by the hurricanes that have hit the Caribbean this year.


With bookings up by over a 1/4 this past year, Argentina is quickly becoming a haven for design enthusiast because of the beautiful architecture it has to offer.


Geneva has seen a significant change this year as much as 2/3 of an increase in travel to the region. However, it’s rich landscapes is one of the many reasons people travel here to explore.


This region has seen one of the most increases in tourism as it has seen travel increase upwards of 164{f5bd26822d4d7495ccc4925c1d4220df92c46d5db5344682916e075f12f42cfd}.  Known for its great food and architecture, it is also located along the Alboran Sea.


With an increase of travel to Montreal this year by more than 1/2, it definitely has become a hot spot to enjoy the city life and the rural towns that surrounds it.


Frankfurt has seen increase in travel at almost 50{f5bd26822d4d7495ccc4925c1d4220df92c46d5db5344682916e075f12f42cfd} this past year. It’s rich with history and eclectic culture, you can also enjoy the many beers they have to offer.

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