Top Reasons Bali Should Be Added To Your Bucket List

Are you thinking about traveling but not sure where to go? No doubt, our earth is full of mystery and enjoyment, as there are many amazing destinations. But how to choose the perfect one which matches your desires for a holiday? For example, if you want to explore history, you may choose a country to travel to, where you can explore history.

On the other hand, when you just want to enjoy yourself, you need to look for a country full of beaches, exciting lifestyle, crazy nightlife, pubs, bars, and a wide range of delicious cuisines. “Bali” is the right place for adventure seekers and fun lovers. If you are one of them, then you must explore Bali at least once in your life.

Here are the top reasons why Bali deserves to explore.

1. Heaven For Surfers

Surfing in the southern ocean is one of the most popular things to do in Bali. The water stays warm and waves stay high up to 12 feet from April to November. The southern ocean is the world’s best surfing platform for all genres of surfers, including experienced, seasonal, or beginners. If you take yourself as an experienced enough surfer, then Bali has the south coast and Bukit Peninsula, where you can find the toughest surfing challenges.

2. Gorgeous Beauty and Fabulous Culture

Undoubtedly, Bali is one of the most gorgeous travel destinations in the world. Each second your spend here will stay forever in your heart. You will definitely enjoy the ancient temples and ruins, which are specially designed to explore the great and rich history of the region.

Furthermore, the fabulous and breathtaking views of the Volcano and Mount Batur mountains add significant beauty to the world’s top travel destination, Bali. However, the region also takes huge pride in its rich culture.

The Aga Villages still manages to preserve the traditional way of living, where the traveler can explore the cultural arts and crafts made by villagers. The villagers love to entertain their visitors with famous Wayang Kulits, fire dances, and many other unique dance programs.

3. Luxurious Beaches and Accommodation

As mentioned earlier, if you love to relax and have a good time then Bali is for you. It is the perfect place where you can mix or mingle with your partner while enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.

● A wide range of beaches offers unique attractions and superb holiday vibes. Seminyak, Kuta Beach, Candidasa, and Tanjung Benoa are Bali’s most popular and gorgeous beaches. All these beaches offer superb ocean views, beachfront nightlife, a natural and peaceful holiday, and a broad range of watersports.

● The beach area also has a wide range of luxury hotels. You’ll find a wide array of hotels offering all kinds of luxury accommodations that will make you feel like you’re the king of the castle.

Furthermore, the Nusa Dua resort in Seminyak is also a great option for enjoying high-class luxurious experiences. Security is also very strict, so you can be assured that these accommodations are patrolled by security 24 X 7.

Final Thoughts

The paradise island of Bali is full of beaches, rainforest, and mountains. Let’s not forget, you can taste the excellent and delicious food made by friendly locals as well. A wide range of restaurants located on or near the beaches offers very cheap Balinese specialties, including Nasi Goreng and Mae Goreng.

Adding Bali to your bucket list is a no brainer!