Top 7 Cities To Visit In 2018

This small city is filled with recent growth and national treasures can be found at every spot. From new shops and boutiques, to a picturesque cricket oval which will have it’s first test match in 2018, this city has an array of cultural must dos.


Seville has bloomed into a city filled with bicycles and trams, which has reinvigorated its artistic past. Fans of film and television and the arts, would have a blast in this city in 2018.
In 2018 Oslo will be celebrating a few iconic moments such as Norway’s beloved king and queen celebrating their 50th year of marriage and the Oslo Opera House’s 10th birthday so this makes for a great year to visit and enjoy all the fanfare.
This city houses the new Elbphilharmonie concert hall, in this walkable HafenCity port area. With a beautiful harbor filled with riverfront beach bars and great nightlife you would have blast in this city in 2018.
Filled with historic riches, this city is home to world-class arts and design, and in 2018 it’s having a celebration of its Baroque heyday. There will be street art, parades, concerts and multimedia shows and workshops to enjoy.
Filled with a large arts center, cultural and music complex, where you can walk at night along a harbor front, this city really showcases the experimental side of architecture that is a must see in 2018.
Filled with honey-stoned houses perched above a ravine, this city is a beaut.  Of recent this city has been thriving and focusing more on its cavernous appeal, with unique hotels, restaurants and bars to add to your travel list in 2018.