Must See Best Winter Vacations

People tend to save most of their travel for summer, but winter is just as a good time to take a vacation. You can plan a ski getaway, visit some mountain towns, hike, bike, kayak or swim on a tropical locale. Here are some of the must see best winter vacations.


See iconic attractions such as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Eternal City during your winter getaway. Then enjoy the delicious food every step of the way.


Dubai’s daily highs are in the 70s/80s during the winter so you can actually get some sunbathing in on Jumerirah Beach or sand board in the desert.


Seville, Spain’s winters are fairly mild with temperatures in the 60s during the day and 40s at night time. During this time, the cost to travel is more affordable as the crowds have tapered off. You can explore the Gothic architecture at the Catedral de Sevilla as well as various markets out during this time of year.


The weather here is beautiful in winter as the humidity is less and the surfing conditions are great, You can also just sunbathe on the beach at Sunset Beach or head to Diamond Head to see some whale watching.  Just know that coming here in winter may cost you alot more than in off season.


This city has so much charm that even the cold temperatures between the 10s and 20s in winter doesn’t detract tons of visitors. There are so many historic buildings, authentic food options and fun events like the Carnaval de Quebec to enjoy. Just make sure to bundle up while you explore.


Although prices tend to skyrocket during this time of year, the temperatures are warm at 80 degrees on average where you can lounge on the beach or trek through Tijuca National Park.


This Tanzanian national park’s southern grasslands has an abundance of wildlife to see and explore during the winter. The highs during this time are in the low 80s which is good to spot some zebra, lions and black rhinos.


This quaint town in Colorado boasts great skiing and snowboarding. You can check out the snow sculpture competition, shop on Main Street and go sledding at Carter Park.


Auckland, New Zealand has 70-degree weather during this time which is perfect weather for climbing, exploring, bungee jumping or sky diving. You can go do some wine tasting or explore the shops on Queen Street.


Although this time is high tourist time, you can still enjoy the 90 degree weather and avoid the monsoon season during the winter. You can lounge on the beach, kayak or check out some sights like the Big Buddha and Wat Chalong.

So whether you want to play in the snow or escape the cold to a tropical location, any of these best winter vacations can do the trick!