Calling All Nature Lovers! Astonishingly Surreal Places In The U.S.

No need to travel outside of the US to see surreal places, you can find some of these spots just outside your “backyard”. Here are a list of some of the most astonishingly surreal places in the U.S.

FLY GEYSER, NEVADA (Image via Shermans Travel)

The fly geyser is located in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. This formation was created by accident, now theĀ constant release of mineral rich water here results in the formation of limestone mount on the site.


Surround yourself with 300 acres of brightly colored tulips as these magical flowers bloom every year in April.Ā In the Skagit valley tulip festival you can see thousands of different species of tulips in bloom. In addition to colorful blooms, the tulip festival also offers art, cultural and concert shows for its visitors.