Best U.S. Cities To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!


Chicago is known for the St. Patrick’s Day tradition of dyeing the Chicago River GREEN! Tons of people line the waterway to watch the moment take place aft the parade downtown.
The St. Patrick’s Day parade here is one of the best in the country and kicks off a day of celebration in Dog Town, the city’s Irish neighborhood.
Every year hundreds of thousands of people head to Savannah for one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the world. The weather is usually warm and nice which makes it such a success.
In Philly you can attend the best annual bar crawls in the U.S. Some offer free transportation to more than 20 Philly bars in the course of the weekend.
Every year, Buffalo residents ring in the dawn of Spring with not one but two full St. Patrick’s Day parades and city-wide celebrations.
Cleveland’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is the oldest and largest in Ohio where about 500,000 people come out to celebrate.
St. Patrick’s Day is the biggest event of the year in KC, tons of crowds where they also have “Snake Saturday” and the BBQ Championship.
Davenport and the “Quad Cities” region of Illinois and Iowa host the Grand Parade – the only bi-state St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the U.S.
The Irish pride is found in the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade and it’s known as one of the largest in the country.
Pittsburgh has a thriving St. Patrick’s Day Parade that boasts over 20,000 participants.