Bed & Breakfasts Are A Hidden Treasure. Give It A Try!

The Host Advantage

Within the same city, across the country, or on the next continent to the East, you won’t ever find two bed and breakfasts alike. They aren’t chain enterprises where cookie-cutter-like consistency is a company rule. Rather, they often share the culture of their surrounding area, and reflect the taste and personality of the owner. For the vacationer, they provide a refreshing, home-like setting to unwind from a day of site seeing and pounding the pavement shopping. For the business traveler, with many offering wireless internet and computer services, they provide a much more relaxing and productive environment than a tiny hotel room.┬áNo matter the reason for your travels, you’ll sleep better knowing you can go down to the kitchen in the middle of the night and have a glass of milk and cookies or take off your shoes, grab the newspaper and put your feet up on the couch!

Since your hosts usually own the home they are friendly and helpful people. You’re invited in, not just a number to a minimum wage, behind the counter employee because you’re not waiting in a stalled check-in line in a crowded lobby, your arrival is a welcome experience. Your hosts will take the extra time to guide you to where you want to go and introduce you to a new city. That personal touch is much more helpful than having a map left in a hotel room for you to figure out on your own. B & B’s hosts know their cities well; they’ll give you first hand tips on great restaurants, shopping and local information about the city that tourists and new visitors wouldn’t otherwise know. Rely on them for safety tips while you’re out in the strange and unfamiliar and to help you understand the customs of the locals, like tipping or hailing a cab for example.

Find Your Perfect B & B Online

Most B & B’s are advertised on the Internet. You can find many choices by going to any search engine. Their websites will have pictures of the home, the bedrooms, prices and information on amenities. Don’t assume that every accommodation will have wireless Internet and parking available. Be sure to do your research. Bed and Breakfasts, like hotels, will range from opulent 5 star mansions to quaint, little simple places for the budget conscious. Fine tune your search to a specific search like “Bed and Breakfast Downtown Toronto”.