JOURNAL: Let The Excitement Begin! Las Vegas, Nevada


As I looked out the plane and saw the initial descent through the Rocky Mountains and spotted the spectacular valley, numerous swimming pools and beautiful homes, I couldn’t help but get excited for my stay in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is one of the most stimulating cities in the world and there is something to do that appeals to everyone. Whether you’re into gambling or night clubs, or prefer golf outings or sightseeing, you can do it on a grand scale in Las Vegas.

After I touched down and headed to pick up my rental, I drove to the hotel- The Luxor, and on my way there I caught my first glimpse of what the Las Vegas strip had to offer. I had been to Las Vegas many times in my youth, but hadn’t been there in many years, and ALOT sure had changed!


Most of us go to Las Vegas for entertainment, as did I, from great food to spectacular shows, there was so much to explore. The adult-sized playground of numerous casinos, shops and amusement parks linked to one another by moving walkways and trams, kept me exploring. So many luxury hotel/casinos line the strip, of which I tried to enter as many as I could, to take a peak at what they had to offer or what set them apart from the others. Most of them had their own set of swanky nightclubs, world-famous restaurants, 24-hour buffets and award-wining shows. From Cirque du Soleil, the funky Blue Man Group, Jennifer Lopez residency, an abundance of unparalleled theater performances, and of course, to the world famous Las Vegas showgirls, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices. I settled on the Blue Man Group, as that was part of the hotel package. It was a good show and if you’ve never seen it, check it out.


With all the walking and exploring I did on the trip, I took time to satisfy my hefty appetite. I had brunch at Pyramid Cafe, dinner at Rice & Company, all within the hotel I was staying at and no complaints from the food I was served. It was delicious and the staff was friendly. Surprisingly, none of the dining options compared to the buffet, yes I said buffet, at the Wynn Hotel. I even tired Mesa Grill (Bobby Flay’s restaurant) and still enjoyed the buffet at Wynn Hotel the most.

The Wynn Hotel buffet has a plethora of food options, from the extravagant plates that match the extravagant setting, you will enjoy your meal here. Rib eye steaks sliced to order, fried chicken, upscale tacos and Ahi poke are just a few of the options that were popular. For non meat eaters like me, they even make vegan options and plenty of them!¬† Although I typically don’t gravitate to buffets, this one is a must and I say don’t knock the buffets until you try it!


Not only can you gamble the night away in Vegas, if that is your desire, you can also go out and enjoy the extraordinary nightlife.¬†There were so many clubs to chose from like Hyde, Jewel, Marquee and 1OAK to dance the night away. I settled on 1OAK at the Mirage, which was overcrowded and had ridiculously long lines, luckily we got there early and had quick entry, but for those that don’t have “the in”, be prepared to wait to get inside as well as to get a drink! Despite that, the music was decent and the ambiance was still fun and lively.

Day and night, Las Vegas is a playfully extravagant extra-sensory mecca that is the perfect place to distress and loosen that firm grip on reality. Travel to Las Vegas to eat, drink, play and party, as they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas right….not really though :).