JOURNAL: Hilton Head, South Carolina

This island continues to grow in popularity every year as it has many resorts, golf courses and beach side attractions to explore. We enjoy visiting Hilton Head as the food scene here is also phenomenal especially for seafood lovers. There are plenty of restaurants to chose from such as the Skull Creek Boathouse and the Hudson Seafood House on the Docks. You can also experience some southern and local classics at A Lowcountry Backyard.

Along with amazing food options, there is also lots of history to explore. You can take a stroll through the remains of a Civil War fort or head through the Gullah Heritage Trails or explore the Harbor Town Ligthhouse.  You can also enjoy spotting wildlife such as turtles, birds and dolphins and learn more at the local coastal museum.

Hilton Head is a great weekender trip, especially if you live in the Southern U.S. No matter what you do here, do make sure you leave time to explore the miles of sandy beach!

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