Cool Places To Pitch A Tent In The U.S.

Maine is known as the Pine Tree State and this spot has acres of forest, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams which is basically a camper’s paradise.WHITE MOUNTAIN NATIONAL FOREST, NEW HAMPSHIRE
This spot provides a more rustic experience with rugged hiking in the Appalachians, stunning falls with beautiful foliage and drive in campgrounds.SHENANDOAH NATIONAL PARK, VIRGINIA
This is a stunning getaway with miles of trails, viewpoints with waterfalls with campgrounds open in spring, summer and fall.BADLANDS NATIONAL PARK, SOUTH DAKOTA
The scenery here is absolutely beautiful with grass prairies that lie in between rock formations where there are two campgrounds one with some amenities and the other being very primitive so you can take your pick.DENALI NATIONAL PARK, ALASKA
With acres of open land and trails with unbelievable wildlife, you have plenty of campgrounds to choose from here.CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK, OREGON
This sleeping volcano makes this an interesting spot to camp out where you can take a dip in Crater Lake, which is supposed to be the deepest lake in the U.S. ZION NATIONAL PARK, UTAH
Massive sandstone cliffs and beautiful blue skies can be found here. You can head on the trails and check out the Subway -a sculpted structure and then spend the evening on the three established campgrounds.