5 Reasonable Travel Deals Right Now


Now is a good time to book for Belize as through October is the low season. You can visit this paradise and enjoy the sandy coast that meets the beautiful Caribbean waters at a low price.


October is an ideal time to travel to Santo Domingo as hurricane season has typically died down by then and the weather is wonderful and the prices for travelling there are great as well.


October is a great time to save money on travelling to Tulum. There are noticeably less visitors there during this month which makes for lower cost and a better beach and Mayan ruins/excursions experience.


In fall tourism tends to slow down in Quebec City as the temperatures drop a bit as they prepare for winter weather/sports. This makes for cheaper flights and less crowded streets to roam around.


Off season for Vancouver tends to start around the end of October and this is when you can secure lower hotel and flight rates to this destination.